Heat Wave in Dallas

Things seem to be heating up during Dallas in the late hours between two of their coldest (physically) residences.

Staff at the Silent Shore Hotel contacted out paper with news of the latest development between Godric and Jessica Hamby.

Sources say Jessica attacked Ilka Richards and Osgar Crane. The source of her outburst? Perhaps, this baby Vamp is jealous of the close relationship between Godric and Ilka?

After an evening spent at a local hospital, Godric ordered his human lover away until further notice. Upon their return to the hotel, the couple was spotted heading into his suite where Jessica’s cries were heard echoing down the hallway. Things must have gone well, since she wasn’t spotted returning to her room.

As the couple grow closer, one can only wonder what else is in store for this fangy couple? Wedding bells, a puppy and a white picket fence… Maybe! Only time will tell!