Hollywood Ghosts staying at the Roosevelt Hotel

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is back in fashion. For decades this was the  place to see and be scene [not a typo] but like so much in Tinsel Town, the glamor faded and the beautiful people sought their excitement elsewhere. Fortunately, not all of the beautiful people left.

Marilyn Monroe is said to still dance in the ballroom while a mirror she is said to have purchased for her favorite suite still reflects the screen goddess as she applies lipstick and primps. The mirror was put into storage for many years but is now back in service…think you can find it?

The debonaire Montomery Clift, who co-starred with Monroe in The Misfits,  supposedly haunts room 928 where he stayed for three months while filming From Here to Eternity. He’s also been seen walking the 8th floor, practicing his lines and even his trumpet. According to the Encyclopedia Brittanica, efforts to capture Clift’s spirit on film fail due failed batteries and constant interruptions, like fire alarms…. Monty’s way of avoiding the lime light or just a metaphor for a talented life cut short?

Seeing-stars.com and other sources also reports there is a cold spot of about 30 inches in diameter in the Roosevelt’s ballroom which was the site of the first two Academy Awards ceremonies. Sore loser or winner reliving their glory night?

Though Marilyn died in 1962 and Clift in 1966, the hauntings at the Roosevelt have mostly been reported since the mid-1980’s, according to Haunted Hollywood: Part 7. Experts hypothesize that a major renovation of the hotel at that time may have disturbed the spirits. If that’s true a second major restoration completed in 2005 may also have stirred up restless spirits…or laid them to rest.

In addition, @CarlKolchak spent a few nights in room 212 while on assignment for Kolchak: The Night Stalker Episode 4: The Vampire that aired on 4 October, 1974.