A Royal Masquerade

This past weekend was supposed to be the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington‘s Royal Masquerade. This event was to be the “cremé de la cremé”.

Hosted at the Royal estate in Jackson, Mississippi and coordinated by Talbot Edgingtonl, with the help of a French event planning company, the event was rumored to be the event of the century.

Rumor has it, the event was postponed due to several mix ups that left Talbot in a tizzy. Having provided the wrong colored table clothes and centerpieces were nothing as the planner’s biggest mistake. For this grand occasion, Talbot requested platinum silverware, only to grab a knife and discover they had ordered real silver for the event.

Outraged and burned from the silver, Talbot was seen attacking the planner. Arms flailing like a teenage girl, one wouldn’t have believed Talbot was a Vampire if it had not been for his exposed fangs.

After a hissy fit, Talbot announced the party was off and stormed upstairs to his room. It was only after some prodding from King Russell that Talbot agreed to postpone the event and hire Extreme(ly Elegant) Events, or EEE, to coordinate the Royal Masquerade.

The event will take place on Saturday, May 21. Please remember, if you are not a Royal, you need to contact Talbot about having permission to attend this event.