A Sheriff Lost

Things have been off in Area Five. Everyone is starting to wonder where their beloved Sheriff has been hiding. In fact, besides one brief appearance at Fangtasia last week, Eric Northman has been missing in action.

His second-in-command, Pam Ravenscroft has been ruining the co-owned establishment. Though a lovely piece of eye candy, Pam is not able to fill Eric’s large shoes. The back corner, near the stage, seems sadly empty without the 6’4 Viking Vampire to watch over the crowded bar.

A competing establishment, S & M Bar and Lounge, will be opening its doors this weekend. Surprisingly enough, Vampires are not allowed at the new establishment. Is this discrimination a clear indication of the owner’s intent to put the ever so popular Fangtasia out of business?

Where oh where has our favorite Sheriff gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?

We can only hope the gorgeous Viking will return shortly.