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Member Spotlight

Jason Stackhouse (@JStackhouseSC) is this week’s Member Spotlight!

Brother to @DarlingSookie and uncle to @HunterSavoy, this man whore is a piece of eye candy for most of the single women in Northern Louisiana.

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Heat Wave in Dallas

Things seem to be heating up during Dallas in the late hours between two of their coldest (physically) residences.

Staff at the Silent Shore Hotel contacted out paper with news of the latest development between Godric and Jessica Hamby.

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Fire in Shreveport

All that remains of 666 Hellway Ave. is a pile of ashes. A fire began yesterday and burned throughout the night. No remains were found and the police believe the fire was die to faulty wiring. The owners of the house have yet to have been contacted.

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A Royal Masquerade

This past weekend was supposed to be the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington‘s Royal Masquerade. This event was to be the “cremé de la cremé”.

Hosted at the Royal estate in Jackson, Mississippi and coordinated by Talbot Edgingtonl, with the help of a French event planning company, the event was rumored to be the event of the century.

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True Blood: Vampires vs Witches Promo

A Sheriff Lost

Things have been off in Area Five. Everyone is starting to wonder where their beloved Sheriff has been hiding. In fact, besides one brief appearance at Fangtasia last week, Eric Northman has been missing in action.

Where oh where has our favorite Sheriff gone? Oh where, oh where can he be?

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Alexander Skarsgard Graces the Cover of GQ

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When Captivity Leads to Love

Just a few short weeks after the death of her husband, Reanna Hennigan was kidnapped. Upon being returned, this newly widowed woman showed signs of a deadly condition… Stockholm Syndrome.

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Upcoming Events

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True Blood Premiere Party

It’s almost that time again. In thirty-eight days, truebies will be peeled to their TV sets as HBO premieres the highly anticipated fourth season of ‘True Blood’.

HBO has been doing a good job at keeping everyone anxiously waiting. As the days continue to countdown to T-day (True Blood Day), the promos and teasers are piling up.

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Trouble Has A New Face

There seems to be some trouble popping up in the Monroe area and her name is Candy

Fairies are known for being devious creatures, so one shouldn’t be surprised to find that this particular fairy is stirring up trouble.

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Royal Masquerade Rescheduled

Things just don’t seem to be going well for the King of Mississippi’s lover, Talbot Edgington. Forced to reschedule his highly anticipated Royal Masquerade last weekend after an unfortunate “silver” incident, everyone is shocked to learn the masquerade is being delayed again.

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