Baby Vamp Loses Fangs

Baby Vamp, Jessica Hamby has defanged herself. After what was described as a steamy night of primal passionate sex with Godric, she was ordered to remove her own fangs.

Such a punishment is startling and raises the question, “What did she do to warrant such a punishment?”

A source suggested that during a course of oral sex, Jessica had been careless and nicked his… “prized possession”.

One can certainly understand Godric’s anger at such an occurrence, but to remove her fangs seems a bit… severe?

We decided to interview a member of the community who has professional insight into the delicacies of this… “attribute”.

She nicked his doodle? *cringes and quivers in fear* This is why Vaggy ones should never be allowed near one of us! They don’t appreciate the importance of our very existence!

~Claude’s Doodle

Claude Crane’s “Doodle” went on to further inform us about their nationwide campaigns to stop Doodle abuse and their anti-Vag movement. More about these campaigns will explained in a later article.

Will Godric forgive Jessica for the mishap? Or will she be forced to have her fangs removed once every three months to prevent them from interfering in their love affair?