Good and bad news at the preternatural box office

Only three preternatural films made it onto Rentrak Corp’s list of top box office earners in the U.S. for the weekend ending 22 May, 2011. Well, two and pirates, which aren’t really preternatural but we love them anyway, especially when they look like Johnny Depp. Even better, all the preternatural films were among the top 6 earners, so while the overall number of films declined, they still exert a lot of influence!

The top-earning films at the box-office for the weekend ending 22 May were:

  • No real surprise here, Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides, sailed right to the top of the charts while looking for the Fountain of Youth, earning Disney an impressive $90,100,000 in its first weekend.
  • Thor dropped to the Number 3 spot, topped not only by pirates but also by bridesmaids. What’s up with that? Still the Thunder God brought in a very respectable $15,500,000 for Paramount over the weekend.
  • Sony’s post-apocalyptic vampire tale, Priest held onto the Number 6 spot earning $4,600,000 just $50,000 behind the Number 5 film, Rio.

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