Police Baffled By Vampire Murder

New Orleans – The remains of an unidentified Vampire were found behind “La Petite Mort”, in the French Quarter last week. Police are baffled by this gruesome discovery. Discovered in a patch of brush, these remains were  just yards away from the popular Vampire Bar.

“La Petite Mort” owned by the Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne LeClerq, has been a popular hot spot for Vampires and tourists since the Great Revelation, several years ago. Queen LeClerq declined to make a statement to us, but her lawyer, Desmond Ares Cataliades did provide us with one.

“The Queen was aggrieved to learn that one of her kind had met a clearly violet end. It is not certain if the Vampire in question was a local resident of our fine City or if it was just a passerby. The Queen has promised to use all of her resources to find who committed this heinous act and have them brought to justice”

Desmond Ares Cataliades

The police have yet to determined if this murder is to be classified a “hate crime”. With the pending legislature over Vampire equal opportunity rights, still tied up in the Senate, local authorities have yet to determine any actions against Vampires as an act of hate.

Representatives from the local branch of the American Vampire League (AVL), have declined to comment on the incident.

This is the first known murdered Vampire in this area in over two years and those in the fanged community hope it is the last.