Last week’s top preternatural DVDs to rent and own

Gulliver's Travels Crowd Scene
Look a... (from the film Gulliver's Travels)

As Americans prepare for the long Memorial Day weekend, many of them invested in preternatural videos during the week ending 21 May, 2011. Some are just renting titles, perhaps wanting to see if they like a film enough to own it. Others want a copy of their newest favorites movies to keep or share with others.

The top renting preternatural films, according to Rentrak Corp.,  for the week ending 21 May were:

  • The Rite – Warner Bros.’ dark drama about a young seminarian who travels to Italy to attend an intensive workshop on the rites of exorcism leaps onto to the most rented DVD list at Number 4 in its first week on the charts.
  • Gulliver’s Travels – Enough viewers want to follow travel writer Lemuel Gulliver as his trip to Bermuda goes awry to make this the eighth most rented DVD. Unfortunately for Twentieth Century Fox it is the only rented DVD that didn’t make the top-sellers list.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 – The wizarding world is still being counted among the most rented DVDs. After 6 weeks in release, the latest in Warner Bros. popular franchise claimed the Number 9 slot last week.
According to Rentrak, the best-selling preternatural DVDs for the week ending 21 May were:
  • The Rite  – With a tagline like “You can only defeat it if you believe” and a cast including Anthony Hopkins, Colin Donoghue and Rutger Hauer, who wouldn’t want to own this horrifying thriller? This worthy successor to the classic religious horror films like The Exorcist and even The DaVinci Code debuts on the best-selling list at Number 5.
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 – Part 2 is just around the corner so it only makes sense that The Boy Who Lived, his friends, classmates, teachers, foes and, of course, He Who Shall Not Be Named is still the sixth most sold DVD on the list even six weeks after it was released by Warner Bros.
  • Tangled – Children’s DVDs are almost must-owns simply because they are watched so often and this updated version of the classic Rapunzel fairy tale for Disney is Number 8 among the week’s top-selling DVDs and doesn’t appear at all among the week’s top rentals 8 weeks after it was released.

What films will you be watching this holiday weekend or do you have other plans? Let us hear from you!