Friday, In moderation at Phoenix Comic Con

The Preternatural Post‘s very own Mena Grazie is moderating some panels and presentations today (Friday, 26 May, 2011) at the Phoenix Comic Con. You can find her at:

  • Mixing Paranormal with Other Genres in RM 124B at 1:30 p.m.
  • Zombie Creators Reveal Their Secrets in RM 121 at 4:30 p.m.
Phoenix Convention Center Night
Phoenix Convention Center by Night

Mixing Paranormal with Other Genres

Mixing Paranormal with Other Genres is a panel of authors discussing how they weave the paranormal and preternatural into such literary genres as romance, historical fiction and even mystery. Participating authors include Jordan Summers , Gini Koch, Allyson James and Kris Neri.

Summers has published 18 books and contributed to several anthologies including Blood Lite 2 and the upcoming Blood Lite 3. When she’s not participating in a panel you can find her at table 636 in the Exhibit Hall.

Koch’s first book, Touched by an Alien, was published in 2010, as was her second. She has two more books scheduled for release in 2011. A resident of the Southwest, Koch is a popular speaker but when she isn’t participating in panels at the Phoenix Comic Con, you can find her at Booth 638 in the Exhibit Hall.

The award-winning James also writes under the pseudonym Jennifer Ashley and Laurien Gardner. She (they?) have roughly 30 books and a dozen novellas to their credit. James can be found at booth 636 in the Exhibit Hall when she’s sort participating in programming.

Sedona’s own Kris Neri is only attending the Phoenix Comic Con on Friday and Saturday, and Mixing Paranormal with Other Genres is her first scheduled panel discussion! Along with writing urban fantasies like High Crimes on the Magical Plane, Neri teaches writing for the UCLA Extension School’s Writers’Program and owns The Well Red Coyote bookstore in Sedona. Between panels you can try catching her at table 640 in the Exhibit Hall.

Zombie Creators Reveal Their Secrets

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own zombie and aren’t a high priest/ess of voodoo, you’ll want to attend Zombie Creators Reveal Their Secrets. Panelists Cherie Priest, Dean Lorey, Jeffrey J. Mariotte and Yvonne Navarro will be comparing notes on how they create zombies for their fictional universes.

Known for her steampunk pulp adventures, Priest will be making her first foray into the superhero universe in 2011 with Fort Freak. When she isn’t participating at panels she’ll be at Booth 628 in the Exhibit Hall.

Emmy-nominated screenwriter and author Dean Lorey is only attending the Phoenix Comic Con on Friday and Saturday! This panel is a unique chance to get a glimpse at zombie creation for film and young adults/children’s audiences. Between panels, Lorey can be found at Table 637 in the Exhibit Hall.

Mariotte is a prolific writer with more than 40 novels to his credit, among them those set in the universes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Charmed and 30 Days of Night. He is also creator of the original graphic novel series Zombie Cop. He can be found at Booth 631 in the Exhibit Hall when not participating in panels.

Navarro is another author that has played in the Buffy-verse as well as being a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award (including Superior Achievement for a First Novel in 1993). She launched the Dark Redemption series in 2010. the Second book in the series Concrete Savior is due out this year. Find her at table 634 in the Exhibit Hall.

Are you attending the Phoenix Comic Con? If so, be sure to catch these and the many other great panels and programming going on. Mena will be there, wearing black, of course….find her and say “Hi!” she’s got some great Preternatural Post trading cards to give away!

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