Political Monsters

“I was inspired to write ‘Monster for President’ while thinking about all the politicians that managed to get themselves in trouble because of their personal foibles, despite their political and intellectual savvy,” explains author Hal Pollock. “The political process today embraces both sexes as well as all races, and I wanted to celebrate that….”

Monster for President Cover
Monster for President

Monster for President is a storybook and app that reveals the ups and downs of rival political campaigns for the highest office in the Monster Nation. No, not the 2012 race for President of the United States. This comical political parody for ages 12 and older is really about who will become the next President of Monster Nation, the incumbent Prez or the Challenger.

Citizens can watch and read the great debate between The Prez and The Challenger. An ace reporter (not from The Preternatural Post) asks so questions and presents some information that may influence voter opinions (or not).

Monster Campaign Trail
Monster Campaign Trail

RippIFX, Inc. a developer and producer of animated mobile apps has teamed up with Esquire Publishing, to answer the burning question: “since so many politicians act like monsters, what if they really were monsters?” The answer, or at least one possible answer, can be found in The Monster for President storybook, available as a printed book or an app for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

“Satire is a mainstay of storytelling as it keeps culture in check with itself,” said Nicole Lundeen, CEO of RippIFX, Inc. “Political parody is a great way to express the good, the bad, and the ugly of politics to any generation. With ‘Monster for President’ author Hall Pollock joins the ranks of political satirists like Jonathan Swift, Mark Twain, Will Roger and P.J. O’Rourke. We enhanced his parody by adding comical character voices and animation to bring Anthony Parisi’s brilliant illustrations to life.”

RippIFX adapted Monster for President from the original storybook written by Hal Pollock and illustrated by illustrated by Anthony Parisi. Enhanced features of the app versions include animation, individual words that highlight when read aloud, background audio effects and special interactive pages.

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