Preternatural movie karoke on Yoostar 2

Okay, all you role players out there: here’s your chance to star in some of the iconic preternatural scenes that have sparked your imaginations…as long as you have a Kinect for Xbox 360® or PlayStation® 3 computer entertainment system.

“Yoostar Playground is an exciting new way to players to connect and interact with each other across the globe, as well as a direct line of communication with the community to hear which scenes they most want to play,” said Nicholas Reichenbach, Chief Content Officer for Yoostar Entertainment Group. “Thanks to great fan feedback, Yoostar is a constantly expanding universe that delivers the most popular scenes in Hollywood.”

Among the preternatural scenes released in May 2011 are:

  • The Blair Witch Project – I’m scared to close my eyes
  • Matrix Revolutions – Give ’em hell!
  • Men in Black – You are the Light of Zartha
  • The Princess Bride – You killed my father – prepare to die!  and Where is the poison?
  • Star Trek Generations – The death of Kirk
  • The Terminator – You’re terminated

In addition to these individual scenes, two of the scene packs released in May include preternatural film clips. The Hollywood Sets Pack includes Xerxes great beast advances from 300 and Tremble before the Kraken for the Clash of the Titans. A Wizard of Oz 3-Pack was also introduced containing the scenes Dorothy meets the Cowardly Lion, Toto didn’t mean it  and Is that the witch?

Yoostar 2 (MSRP $49.99), a console game for the Kinect for Xbox 360® and PlayStation® 3 systems, makes it possible for players to step into famous scenes from their favorite movies or television shows. Player can star alongside or replace the actors. With new scenes and scene packs being launched every Tuesday, player have a variety of scenes across multiple film genres to choose from. A built-in teleprompter displays the actor’s lines in English, Spanish, Italian or German. To help players get into their role, an outline of the original actor’s body serves as a “mark” before the camera rolls.

Those who think they can do a scene better can even toss the script and improvise.

Yoostar Playground is a free Facebook game where players cane rate, share, comment on and “mash up” performances produced by Yoostar 2  console game performers. In game activities earn points that help players grow from starving artists to bankable box-office stars to A-list celebrities.

Taking that a step further, the Yoostar Network is a growing web of interconnected social networks linking Yoostar performers across Facebook, Yoostar Playground, Twitter,, YouTube, Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network (when that service is available). The goal of the Yoostar Network is to make it as easy to connect with anyone interested in social performance games regardless of where their net-presence resides.

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