30 Day ‘True Blood’ Challenge – Day Three: Favorite Couple (via @DarlingSookie)

Jesus Velasquez & Lafayette Reynolds

I don’t know what it is about ‘em. But I love me so Jesus and Lala.
Maybe it has to do with the fact I feel keeping Lafayette was the best
change Alan Ball made to the series. Or maybe it’s just because how cute
they are. But last season, I found myself cheering along with others
for True Blood’s premiere gay couple.

It’s ironic, because Jesus and Lafayette are pretty much polar
opposites. Jesus is a well-respected orderly at the mental institution
that Lafayette has placed his mother in. Lafayette on the other hand,
lives by his own standards. To say he is creative in his ways of
procuring the means he needs to survive, is to put it lightly. From
selling drugs, stripping on web cam to sleeping with State Senators,
Lala’s only respectable employment is being a cook at the ever popular

While I was not thrilled with the “V-Trip”, they experienced last
season, I am excited to see Lafayette and Jesus become involved in the
craft this upcoming season!

They may not be your conventional couple, but hey, who really is?

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