Preternatural Post “Con Speech”

The Phoenix Comic Con was an unbelievable experience for Preternatural Post Managing Editor. Not only get she get the opportunity to meet great presenters from Max Brooks to Jordan Summers  to Jeff Mariotte to Kristin Bauer and Abri van Straten, she got to interact with a horde of fans from every corner of the preternatural, supernatural and paranormal universe. And wow is there a lot going on out there! in the coming days and weeks we’ll be sharing her experiences with readers. in fact, we’re kicking that off, not with an article but with an image.

The speed at which the Phoenix Comic Con moved, forced Mena to come up with a very concise way to define, describe and classify the Preternatural Post. What she says is:

The Preternatural Post is the news source for fictional characters, legendary creatures, their fans and creators.

What she means is:

Wordle: Preternatural Post

Too bad we couldn’t tattoo that on her somewhere….oh well, maybe next year.

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