Top preternatural films at the holiday box office

If you saw a film in theaters over the weekend ending 29 May, 2011 there’s a good chance it was a preternatural film. Almost half (5 out of 12) of the top earners at he box-office this past weekend included zombies, vampires, talking animals or pagan deities and magic.

According to Rentrak Corp’s Box Office Essentials® theatrical data collection and analysis  service, the top grossing preternatural films at the box office were:

  • Kung Fu Panda 2 – That’s right, Po is back and in a big way, soaring over everyone else except the drunks guys (and we don’t me Johnny Depp and company) to secure the Number 2 spot for Paramount with estimated weekend earnings of more than $62 million.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – The newest film in Disney’s Pirates franchise tumbled from its opening weekend top spot but still manged to turn in the third highest box-office  totals. The search for the Fountain of Youth earned more than $50 million this weekend.
  • Thor – How the mighty have fallen. The Norse thunder god still brought in more than $12 million for Paramount but at Number 5 he’s definitely not in Asgard any more.
  • Rio – Holiday weekends are apparently great for talking animals. The tale of a domesticated Macaw in Brazil earned 20th Century Fox more than $2 million landing at Number 8 for the weekend
  • Priest – Sony’s post-apocalyptic vampire thriller also brought in more than $2 million and held on to the Number 11 spot.

Not a bad holiday weekend for preternatural films. Which ones did you see?

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