Does the world really want zombies in bikinis?

There’s been a bit of controversy brewing since the Dead Island announcement trailer debuted on YouTube. Most of it centers on whether the Dead Island game itself, when it is released sometime this year, will have the same emotional impact as the trailer. We have a more important question to raise: Does the world really want, let alone need, zombies in bikinis and swim trunks?

Sure family vacations, even family vacations to the beach, can be hell. Employing RPG elements for character development offers the potential that at least some of the family dynamic and/or vacation angst will be present in the game. And it makes a certain horrible sense to turn that into a first-person melee game where up to four players can cooperate to defeat hordes of gruesome zombies. The goal, of course, is survival, which is all well and good.


Do we really need to add any more nightmares to pristine white-sand beaches? Wasn’t Jaws enough? Do we really need to know what the cast of Banoi’s Baywatch look like as they slowly decompose? And that’s leaving out the inevitable injuries, bites, gashes, slashes, holes and missing limbs and flesh that are guaranteed to occur with customized weapons. Must they be in bathing suits?

Apparently so, at least according to the creators of Dead Island. Then again, they think the other controversy, you know the one about whether the game will deliver the same quality emotional punch as the trailer, a tempest in a teapot as well and here’s why:

“An open world video game is the perfect medium for showing the full effects of a zombie apocalypse. Everyone reacts to trauma, danger and tragedy in a different way and we wanted to show the full range of emotion. Besides the quest characters you meet along the way, each playable character has his or her own demons to overcome,” explains Haris Orkin, Creative Director at Radio Ranch who also co-wrote Dead Island and was the voice director for the project. “All of this will be revealed as the narrative unfolds. There’s a mystery as to the source of the outbreak and that’s all part of what will pull players through the story.”

Developed by Techland, published by Deep Silver and distributed in North and South America bu Square Enix,  Dead Island will arrive later this year.

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