Night Owl Games acquires Dungeon Overlord publishing rights

“Dungeon Overlord seamlessly blends real-time strategy with a competitive fantasy environment to create an immersive, entertaining gameplay experience,” said John  Smedley, President Sony Online Entertainment. “We are committed to providing players with the best interactive online games and as we move back towards our MMO roots, we’re proud to pass this unique strategy game on the talented developers at Night Owl Games to further extend the experience for players in new and exciting ways.”

Dungeon Overlord™, a unique Facebook game that launched in beta at the beginning of 2011, has taken the next step in its evolution. Night Owl Games™ has picked up the worldwide publishing rights from Sony Online Entertainment LLC. Under the terms of the agreement, Night Owl Games will take on the sales, marketing and operation of Dungeon Overlord, along with ongoing development of the title.

“Sony Online Entertainment has been a great partner for us throughout our development and the Beta of Dungeon Overlord,” states Chris Mayer, CEO, Night Owl Games. “Our overwhelming success with the Beta has enabled us to lead the way as the premier developer and publisher of Facebook games designed to appeal to the hardcore gamer.”

Dungeon Overlord’s immersive 3D graphics and strategic gameplay attracts gamers looking for a more complex and nuanced experience from games on Facebook. It has reportedly drawn thousands of hardcore video game player to Facebook for the first time. Enough players are engaged that Dungeon Overlord will be exiting beta and entering general release some time during the summer 2011.

Dungeon Overloard Beta Screen shot
Dungeon Overlord Beta on Facebook
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