'True Blood' "I Can Eat Who I Want" Promo


It seems HBO continues their spree of torturing fans with new promos. I have to admit, after seeing all the same scenes over and over again, this truebie was beginning to feel a bit drained with all the promos.

This latest promo, deemed “I can eat who I want” is actually quite refreshing. New lines, new scene clips… I feel almost like I’ve had a transfusion of excitement after watching it.

We see Sookie dropping her robe in what looks like the same scene where she asks Eric “Is this a dream?”. Speaking of Eric and Sookie, it seems Eric will be getting another taste of our favorite barmaid’s delicious blood… or is it a dream? You never know with these two…

Jess has grown from her innocent appearance in Season Two and seems to be all Vamp as she sheds her clothes for the camera.

It also seems, Hot Shot isn’t the only place who enjoys the slogan, “Incest is best”. For if Alan Ball follows the books and that is Bill who is having sex with Andy’s sister, Portia, then let’s just say this show just got a bit icky.

Sam’s dragging bodies and punching out Andy (though I’m sure Andy probably deserved it) and Arlene seems to be heading to the homeless shelter soon enough…

The summer’s just started, but the countdown has been going for a long time. Season 4 airs in 23 days!