Pam on Pam: Confessions of a fan-girl

Please excuse me, I’m having an OOC moment…ok, week…maybe month….

Jack at PHXCC 2011
Capt. Jack Sparrow poses at PHXCC 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow smells like rum extract. Not rum. Rum Extract. The non-alcoholic stuff you bake with. I know this because I’m old enough to recall baking cakes without mixes and as line moderator got close enough to Jack as he waited to ask Kristin Bauer van Straten, also known as Pam from the original HBO series True Blood, a question to smell it. In fact, I think he was using me as a security blanket. Or maybe he just liked hanging on me. It’s hard to tell with pirates.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last Friday dawned like any other Friday. Except it wasn’t. Not only was it the Friday before Memorial Day, it was the first full day of the 2011 Phoenix Comic Con!!!

My moderating schedule for the day was light, so I figured it was a good day to get some of the “fan” stuff out of the way. I still dressed carefully, even consulting Sookie, Scarlett and not one, but two Erics. The most important thing on my agenda for the day was a photo-op with Kristin Bauer, although I kept in mind that I had two panels to moderate, as well. (For the record I ended up in a black Meg Ryan-type sundress with mostly mainstream makeup and goth eyes.)

I arrived not long after the doors opened, which was great. Surprisingly, there weren’t a million people waiting to get in, as happens in San Diego. This con, at least on Thursday and Friday morning had plenty of room. It was kind of refreshing.

After picking up my volunteer badge and water bottle swag (BRILLIANT idea, by the way) at the Hyatt I headed for the Convention Center. Watching the cubicle captives and people with no imagination encountering storm troopers, steam punks and…the super mario borthers??? on their way to work or lunch was great. The cosplayers were having a ball, it was easy to see. I envied them as we all made our way to the Exhibit Hall.

PHXCC 2011
Kristin Bauer & Mena Grazie at Phoenix Comic Con 2011

Kristin (can I call her that?) was signing autographs when I arrived. There wasn’t a line and most of the other “celebrities” weren’t there yet, so she was taking her time and chatting with fans. She would do that all weekend long with amazing grace, humor and patience. When she moved to the photo area, things started to pick up, mostly because the photographer, not Kristin was giving fans the bum’s rush through. To be fair, the line did get longer that afternoon. We still managed to chat a bit and I mentioned I was @TB_PamR on Twitter before the “official” pic was snapped.

Saturday, in contrast was the day from hell as far as schedules go. I had back-to-back-to-back panels, including the one with Max Brooks. Then I got a quick break for food before doing line moderation for the True Blood panel with Kristin Bauer. That room was packed, too.  I’m glad I wasn’t moderating it. I just know I would have done exactly what the moderator (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) did, which was say Twilight instead of True Blood. I wish I could give a spoiler or two away but she really didn’t give up anything new except that, if it makes it in, she has what she thinks is her best line ever in episode 9 of Season 4…I can hardly wait for September!

Note: I’ll be joining the lovely ladies of @NorthmanNet for their Dead Air podcast on Monday at 9 p.m. to discuss the 2011 Phoenix Comic Con and Kristin Bauer’s True Blood panel.

Pam PHXCC 2011
Kristin Bauer speaking at PHXCC 2011

The fans asked some great questions ranging from what her favorite out fit was to whether we’ll get to see more of Pam and Eric’s backstory in Season 4. Which brings us back to Captain Jack Sparrow. He wanted to know if she was as sexy and sassy in real life as Pam was.

Of course she is!

He RAWWRRed at her and I pulled him away and escorted him to the back of the room. Nobody messes with Pam when I’m around! -hands on hips-

A bit more running around and I was glad to sink into a chair beside a power outlet for Abri van Straten’s concert. I hate to admit, I’d never actually listened to his music before. What a waste. I’ve been playing it non-stop since I bought it that night.  It’s easy to see why Kristin Bauer stalked him. He’s a wonderful musician and handsome too (I can say that, right, I mean, I do play a Pam on Twitter). His music made me cry. Kristin had snuck up beside me to tape his performance. I hope my sniffles didn’t ruin it.

Afterwards they were both very gracious about talking to people, although Kristin made it very clear the tonight she was Mrs. Van Straten, not Pam from True Blood. It was nice to see. They are a great couple.

I picked up the Sunlight and Shadows CD and managed to get it signed without embarrassing myself (I hope). He really is an amazing artist. Better yet, he seems like a truly nice guy who is mostly amused and bemused by the comic con crowd.

I was exhausted by Sunday. It had been a very long weekend that went by very fast.  Literally on the spur of the moment, I grabbed Abri’s CD as I headed out the door, thinking it would be neat if I could get Kristen to sign it. She was running a little late Sunday morning. Who can blame her? Kristin Bauer had put in more hours than most volunteers. She still had a smile on her face and seemed happy to chat with everyone. Grabbing Abri’s CD was a better idea than I realized, Kristin was thrilled to sign it next to Abri.

This was my chance to ask the question I’d been  avoiding all weekend:

“How do you feel about the role-players on Twitter?”

She’s flattered -big sigh of relief- In fact, she thinks they are great. Unfortunately, Kristin doesn’t always see tweets in a timely manner because she updates Facebook more often than Twitter -plans to spend more time on Facebook-.

I don’t know when exactly I turned into a fan-girl. Frankly, I’d have thought the human was too old for that. Seems I’m wrong. In any event, it was a spectacular weekend and not one I’m going to forget any time soon.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled role play…. 

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