True Style Presents: True Blood Inspired Hearware

Sexy, stylish headphones for those whose lives begin at night

HBO’s ‘True Blood’ is yet again, pairing with another company. Just a few months after their announcement to a character-inspired bag line, HBO has paired up with V-Moda to design what they refer to as “hearware”. The line will have six styles of hearware, including a new style that is designed specifically for the brand.

In V-MODA, Chief Visionary Officer and DJ, Val Kolton, created a lifestyle brand that naturally aligns with True Blood’s sexy night life. True Blood fans, music lovers, night-dwellers and artisans alike will be drawn to the headphones’ almost immortal durability, made possible by V-MODA’s MaterialEDGE military-tough testing processes and over four years of quality engineering. The product line’s timeless materials – metal, Kevlar®-reinforced cables and luxurious fabrics – ensure functionality that, like True Blood’s vampires, can span years without signs of deterioration. And most importantly, each product has been masterfully tuned alongside legendary musicians, producers and DJs to deliver “supernatural” sound.

This might seem as if it is a surprising and unusual pairing. HBO’s vice president Licensing & Retailing, James Costos sheds light on the correlation between V-MODA and True Blood.

“Music is a very integral part of the story telling for all of our programming, especially True Blood. So it made sense for us to partner with V-MODA which is an extremely forward-thinking music accessories company. In addition, their brand mirrors the edgy, provocative qualities that are so closely associated with the show.”

For more information about this product and where you can score your own ‘True Blood’ hearware, go here.