HBO GO Releases Next Three Minutes of 'True Blood' Premiere

While the first three minutes, that were released last weekend, seem almost cheesy. This week’s release seems to have made up for the epic fail in set design of “fairyland”.

Reunited with her grandfather, Sookie begins to notice inconsistencies in the “fairyland”. Perhaps she is spotting cracks in the realm (or plane as they deem it). No longer fooled by its appearance, Sookie pleads with her grandfather via telepathy, that they must leave.

Of course, she might as well have said it out loud, seeing as everyone freezes and Queen Maeb makes her entrance. I assume this is an indication that in the world of ‘True Blood’, the Fae are telepathic, which is yet another deviation from the path of the books.

Maeb’s behavior seems vaguely reminiscent of Evan Rachel Wood’s portrayal of Queen Sophie-Anne LeClerq, which is fitting, considering her position as Queen. Sookie, still seeing the cracks in the facade that is “fairyland”, refuses to eat from the glowing fruit, dubbed “lumiere fruit”. Maeb then explains her race is in peril and that is because of Sookie’s blood, that Bill was able to breach into their realm.

“Well, it won’t happen again. I’m staying away from Vampires. I can guaran-damn-tee you that”

Maeb isn’t moved by Sookie’s proclamation and further explains the Fae have mated with humans too often and now they must be harvested. Faced with the possibility of being forced to eat the lumiere fruit, Sookie manages to summon up her powers, knocking the Queen backwards and revealing fairyland for the desolate wasteland that it truly is.

These three minutes as well as the release of this week’s “I can eat who I want” promo, have thoroughly restored this truebie’s excitement in the upcoming season premiere. Just three weeks to go! Waiting sucks… but not for much longer!