Graveyard Sex Helps With TBWithdrawal?

This is probably a cure most people would be wanting to avoid. It ranks right up there with being chased and filleted by a Maenad, watching everyone member of your town in an orgy and of course, hunter’s pie with a fresh human heart.

Moans of pleasure or pain? You decide!

No one wants sex to be boring and routine… or if you do… well, we don’t want to even know. But some things seem a bit far-fetched.

In Hamilton, NJ, a woman was rushed by an ambulance to the hospital after a headstone fell on her leg. We have to give credit where it is, those headstones are heavy…

If that isn’t a sign that sex in a graveyard is just wrong, this woman’s real life should be a cautionary tale to the wise. No matter how spectacular the sex, it’s not worth the embarrassing ride to the ER. One can only imagine what the paramedics and doctors reactions were, but we are fairly certain that hospital was probably buzzing with gossip.

So if this was one of your choices for how to get over your True Blood Withdrawal… perhaps you should consider the next cure.