Arcana Pictures & Tim Powers ink paranormal gambling deal

Gamblers are a superstitions lot. With good reason as it turns out. They can find themselves playing for their souls.

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Arcana Pictures thinks you will be. They’ve optioned the exclusive television and film rights to author Tim Powers’ World Fantasy Award-winning novel, Last Call. Executive producers Michael A. Blum and Stephen J. Sawa are gambling that Las Vegas is the perfect place to bring Last Call to life.  Hopefully, they all survive the gamble with their souls intact.

“Gamblers who get involved in the specialized games had better know what they are playing with,” Powers points out, “Because they are in danger of losing their souls.”

In Last Call, Powers (who also wrote the novel On Stranger Tides which Disney used as a basis for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film) weaves tales of ancient magic with games of Assumption, a type of violence-inducing poker played with tarot cards, and  the legend of infamous mobster Bugsy Segal to create a riveting alternative history explaining how Las Vegas was truly born of ghost and mobsters.

Gamblers playing Assumption unwittingly  find themselves wagering on their bodies, souls and immortality. Rival groups of elite gamblers are constantly engaged in an underworld turf-war as they desperately try to gain or regain control of the supernatural forces around them. The tourists and casual visitors to Sin City are, of course, oblivious to all of this.

Arcana pictures was formed by Faust Pierfederici and Michael Yanovich. Pierfederici is a motion picture colorist and cinematographer who has worked on projects including: “Paranormal Activity,” “Schindler’s List: Voices From the List,” “Get Him to the Greek,” “The Hills Have Eyes II” and “SpongeBob, SquarePants.”  Yanovich served as a Director and Supervising Producer for “Criss Angel Mindfreak” and has produced, directed and edited multiple television and film projects.