Only one week left…Attention Writers! True Blood on Twitter Writing Contest (via BloodBites)

The “dead” line for this contest is fast approaching! All your TBRPers and True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfic authors need to buckle down and get your entries written and submitted for the True Blood on Twitter Writing Contest by 22 June, 2011.

Attention Writers! True Blood on Twitter Writing Contest True Blood on Twitter would like to invite you to participate in our first writing contest. If you’ve ever imagined that you could write a scene for some of your favorite True Blood™ characters, this is your opportunity to do just that. We have chosen three “sneak peek” video previews for the upcoming Season 4 as inspiration for you to create the story of what happened next. The following are links to those promos. Choose one as the starting poin … Read More

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Just as a reminder: Entries must tell readers what happens next after one of three following True Blood sneak peek videos. For those who haven’t started their story yet, we’ve tossed out a few questions to help kick those creative juices into high gear.

Hoyt, Jessica, Pam

How badly will Hoyt be beaten? Will he press charges or sue the protesters? Will Jessica be able to refrain from joining the fight, and, if she does, will she or Pam be forced to donate blood to Hoyt to keep him alive? Would one of them Turn him? And how will all this play out in the media? Where is the AVL in all of this?

Pam, Tara, Lafayette, Jesus and Marnie

Why is Tara holding a gun on Pam, when it’s obvious Marnie is the threat? Where did Harry’s Aunt Petunia get magical abilities? How did Tara, Lafayette and Jesus get involved with Pam and Marnie anyway? What will Pam do if Marnie refuses to remove the spell from Eric? What will happen to Eric if the Marnie doesn’t remove the spell? And why is Jesus drawing a Circle? Who’s laughing?

Arlene, Terry and the teacup humans

Who else knows that the baby Arlene is carrying isn’t Terry’s? Could Rene be haunting the new family or is someone else behind the message? What does anyone, including Rene, have to gain from scary the new family? How did the writer of the message get past Terry? What do Cody and Lisa think about all this?

So come on all you Truebies, put pen to paper or fingers to keys and guess how one of these situations turns out. Then watch True Blood Season 4 to find out how right or wrong you were. And keep in mind…unless you win, no one ever needs to know….

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