Wizard World Philadelphia has more international flavor than most comic cons

“This weekend we have gathered Philadelphia Comic Con‘s most diverse and talented group of creators ever,” said Gareb Shamus, Wizard World CEO. “It’s another example of how Wizard World continues to bring the best and brightest in the comics industry to the fans.”

And just who is Wizard World bringing to Philadelphia this weekend? More than 270 creators, artists, writers and, of course, an array of stars will be in the City of Brotherly Love June 17, 18 and 19, 2011.

Giving Wizard World Philadelphia a uniquely international feel will be extremely rare U.S. appearances from pop culture luminaries including Spaniard Carlos Pacheco, Dane Minck Oosterveer, Brit Doug Braithwaite and Mexicans Humberto Ramos, Francisco Herrera and Edgar “Pato” Delgado.

Green Lantern #1 Pacheco
Green Lantern #1 Humberto Pacheco (artist)

Pacheco, who has worked for both DC and Marvel comic in the U.S., is recognized as the first Spanish artist to become a favorite of American fans. His contributions to DC’s Superman and Marvel’s  The Avengers, Thor, Fantastic Four and X-men series has secured Pacheco’s place in America comic/graphic novel culture. He retains and fosters his Spanish roots as one of the four founding members of Dolemen Editorial. Pacheco is among 20 artists who has worked on the Green Lantern franchise scheduled to attend Wizard World Philadelphia this weekend. His work, particularly 2005’s Green Lantern #1 (which also inspired the cover for the animated video Green Lantern First Flight in 2009) is some of the most collectible in the franchise.

Zombie artist Minck Oostreveer grew up with European comics in the Netherlands but his almost monochromatic pulp-ish style was heavily influenced by newspaper comics, especially those from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Minck, as he signs his artwork will also be appearing at the Albuquerque Comic Expo on June 24-26, 2011. These are the only two U.S. appearance he has scheduled this year. His Zombie Tales and The Unknown are his most recognized works among American fans. Wizard World Philly is Minck’s first U.S. appearance of the year and, according to the Broken Frontier blog, he’s marking it with an exclusive and limited edition lithograph featuring Darla (Julie Benz) from the Buffy-verse (BTVS-verse).

Suydam Zombie Killer
Bruce Campbell as the Zombie Ziller by Arthur Suydam

Minck won’t be the only zombie artist on hand either. Award-winning creator Arthur Suydam, whose Zombies series for Marvel made him a comic industry legend will also be in attendance. Suydam was recently honored with Spike Tv Scream awards (Best Writer, Best Artist and Best Comic of The Year). In 2008, Marvel released Marvel Zombies, The Covers, an exclusive hard cover tribute to Suydam’s unique and groundbreaking works. His other popular covers have graced, Deadpool, Dead Days, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, Thor, Oz Chronicles, Black Panther, X-Men, Grims Fairy Tales and many more.

NOTE: Bruce Campbell will also be attending the Philadelphia Comic Con!

Doug Braithwaite is England’s contribution to Wizard World Philadelphia. A penciller and inker, Braithwaite’s most recognized work in the States is the 12-issue limited series Justice and the covers for Batman and the Outsiders for DC Comics. In 2010 he also contributed to Captain America, the Incredible hulk and X-Men vs Vampires #1 for Marvel. Braithwaite’s art is notably inspired by the action films of the 1980’s, readers can almost feel the characters moving in many of his scenes.

Mexico is well-represented in Philly by 3 artists:

  • Penciller Humberto Ramos whose credits include Spider-Man and Crimson, the series he created and owns. Ramos also co-founded the Cliffhanger imprint, which published Crimson, which ran for 24 issues. His artwork was also featured in 2010’s Dragon Age #1
  • Artist Francisco Herrera is a self-defined “naive, innocent, harmless and immature child” and if you believe that you aren’t familiar with his works. One of his influences, by the way, is Humberto Ramos whom said in an interview he has known since he was 15. His credits include Spider-Man for Marvel and Superman for DC. He also dropped some intriguing hints in May about a new personal project he’s working on…in three languages!
  • Colorist Edgar “Pato” Delgado is a prolific artists whose work can be found in numerous graphic novels as well as several issues of Marvel’s Daredevil, the Incredible Hulk and Spider-Man series. He is also the author of the upcoming Ultraduck graphic novel (with Ramos and Omar Lazano) which is due out this September.

Demonstrating just how important comic cons are, not just to fans but to artists and writers themselves, Humberto Ramos was “discovered” at the San Diego Comic Con in 1993.

The Pennsylvania Convention Center is hosting Wizard World’s Philadelphia Comic Con June 17, 18 and 19. Three-day weekend tickets are $45 if purchased in advance  or $50 purchased at the door. One-day passes are $25 in advance or $30 at the door.

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