10 Ways to ruin Comic Con (via Crazy 4 Comic Con)

Great advice for first-timers and Con vets! Comic Cons and especially SDCC can be a world of fun…if you’re prepared and know what you’ve gotten yourself into.

10 Ways to ruin Comic Con Comic Con is only a month away! So if you don’t plan, you are planning to fail. Never argue with a GI Joe- especially when Comic Con is on the line. In the years I have gone, I have learned there are many little decisions that can lead to you losing the Comic Con battle. It’s easy to do if you are a rookie or if you are only there for just a day. Here is my top ten ways to ruining Comic Con- and remember, knowing is half the battle! 1. Not accoun … Read More

via Crazy 4 Comic Con 

To this amazing list we would add a few details:

  • Toss a first aid kit and some band aids in your backpack and maybe a clean pair of socks, too. No matter how comfortable your shoes are, unless you work retail you are going to spend more time standing and walking than you ever imagined possible in one weekend.
  • Bring along tissues or TP (or both) and hand sanitizer. Those bathrooms get crowded and dirty and it’s a constant battle to keep up.
  • A travel sewing kit and safety pins are a good idea, especially if you are going in costume. If you aren’t, one of the stain eraser pens or some similar wipes may come in handy. Take it as a given, you’re going to get bumped, jostled, stepped on, caught in doors, snagged and just about every other possible clothing malfunction you can think of.
  • Write down or photograph important locations, everything from where you park to your hotel and number to locations where you are meeting up with your group. You make think you’ll remember or recognize it. You won’t, trust us.
  • Bring along plenty of patience and your “company” manners. The lines are going to be horrible, you don’t have to be. Simply saying “please”, “thanks you” and “excuse me” can save a lot of hassle and aggravation.
  • Don’t be afraid to sit in the center of rows or the front of rooms. Conditions are not going to be any more crowded there than they are in the back of the room or along the aisles. In fact, you may find you have more room. That doesn’t mean your swag needs a seat of its own, however.

Just five little things that can make a world of difference in San Diego or at any comic con or other major event.


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