Dungeon Siege III now available

The next chapter in Dungeon Siege the classic role-playing franchise from publisher Square Enix® has arrived. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment®,  Dungeon Siege III also marks the first time the popular action-RPG (role-playing game) is available for the Xbox 360® and PlayStation3® entertainment systems as well as Widows PCs.

Dungeon Siege III
Screenshot from Dungeon Siege III

In Dungeon Siege III, the delicate balance of power in the kingdom of Ehb has been torn asunder. Players assume the role of one of four heroes, the last remnants of the once-great 10th Legion. Now little more than the disgraced protectors of a kingdom disintegrating into fighting factions, players travel through the land fighting to restore order as:

  • Lucas Montbarron – The son of a former Grand Master of the Legion, Lucas is the last of a long and noble line of warriors. Skilled with sword and shield, Lucas can engage the enemy in vast numbers delivering devastating attacks using several two-handed weapons.
  • Reinhart Manx – This scholar of arcane magic warps the forces of creation with his will. Not one to stay behind the lines in safety when the battle in joined, Manx often teleports directly into the fray hurling the enemy back with highly destructive attacks.
  • Anjali – The Archon legend come to life. Shifting freely between her human and elemental (fire) forms, Anjali possess the skills of both the warrior and the mage. She is something of a mystery as well, having no idea how she came to Ehb, what happened to the others of her kind or even the true extent of her powers.
  • Katarina – The daughter of a Legion Commander is also a Lescanzi Witch. Both mischievous and cunning, Katarina prefers ranged combat. When enemies try to close with her, however, she strategically employs powerful magical weapons and a sinister Black Hound.

Dungeon Siege III players can fight to restore the Legion with up to three friends. The robust cooperative AI, allows Dungeon Siege III players to drop in and out of battle seamlessly without interrupting the action or impacting the campaign. The Dungeon Siege III local co-op mode also allows two players to experience the story from start to finish together. Other features include:

  • A deep and expansive storyline
  • highly customizable characters with a wide range of martial and magical abilities to choose from as well as a near-limitless variety of weapons, armor and magical item combinations to choose from
  • Hordes of enemies in beautiful exterior and interior environments
  • In-play actions and decisions that have a dynamic and dramatic impact on the Dungeon Siege world and the final story
  • Capable of recruiting companions with unique personalities, abilities and world-views

Dungeon Siege III is now available for XBox 360, PlayStation3 and Windows PCs. Dungeon Siege III is rated T (Teen).