The Captains plan live event from Comic-Con

One of the great things about attending comic con, any comic con, is the opportunity to see, hear and possibly even meet some of the most creative people in the preternatural universe. Whether it’s artists, writers, celebrities or fans, these events produce an amazing amount of creative energy the leaves attendees exhausted but their imaginations highly charged. Unfortunately, you have to be there to experience it. Well, you used to anyway.

The Captains
Epix beams The Captains world premiere 22 July, 2011

On 22 July, 2011, EPIX, the premium entertainment channel, is teaming up with Star Trek‘s Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) to give fans across the U.S. an opportunity to interact with the Admiral  via EPIX Live from Comic Con, an online Q&A session produced by EPIX in partnership with Cox Communications. Star Trek fans who can’t make it to San Diego this year will be able to interact with Kirk on

Those lucky Trekkies who do make it to San Diego, will be treated to a special preview of  The Captains, an original EPIX Picture, the Admiral (Shatner) produced and directed. The documentary offers an in-depth look at the Captains from the Star Trek films and series. Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) will join Admiral Kirk and moderator Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) to discuss exclusive clips from The Captains and answer questions from the audience.

At 8 p.m. EDT on 22 July, 2011, The Captains makes its world premiere on EPIX and The world premiere is the centerpiece of SHANTERPALOOZA, a 48-hour marathon celebration of Shatner’s film and television work running on the EPIX linear channel, EPIX SVOD service and between 21 and 30 July, 2011. SHATNERPALOOZA will also feature the world television premiere of William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet, an award-winning EPIX Pictures original documentary, produced by and starring Shatner, that offers an inside look at the staging of famed choreographer Margo Sappington’s Common People ballet set to Has Been, Shatner’s 2004 album. The complete collection of six original Star Trek films featuring Captain Kirk, as well as other rarely seen and controversial films including The Intruder, Big Bad Mama, Disaster on the Coastliner and Broken Angel. TV clips including an episode of The Outer Limits from 1964, Iron Chef and even a TV roast will also air during SHATNERPALOOZA.

“From film and TV icon to hipster hero, William Shatner is a man of many talents,” said EPIX president and CEO Mark Greenberg. “We are proud to celebrate him as an actor, producer, director and cultural phenomenon and to bring his contributions to fans at Comic Con and on EPIX and”

The online event isn’t the same as being on the ground in San Diego during Comic Con. But it is closer than some fans would otherwise get. Besides, Trekkies have other events to look forward to this summer, including SHATNERPALOOZA.