Are you a vampire or a slayer? Only Viewdle’s Third Eye can tell

Games, and vampires, got a little more real this week as Viewdle introduced the first mobile augmented reality game using Viewdle’s face recognition technology. The vampire-themed Third Eye game allows real people to become part of the steampunk-style massive multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) steeped in preternatural history and lore.

“We’re excited to launch Viewdle’s ‘Third Eye,’ which really pushes the boundaries of augmented reality gaming ” said Marisol MacGregor, Viewdle’s head of product management. “‘Third Ey’ bring together compelling gameplay, bleeding-edge computer vision technology and a highly-stylized asthetic to really show what is possible on this new breed of smartphones.”

That’s right. Third Eye is a free Android app.

“Third Eye” – the first in a three-part gaming trilogy – uses Viewdle’s face recognition technology to read the symmetry and other features of a player’s face. The game reveals whether the person is a bloodsucker or a vampire slayer – essentially uncovering one’s long hidden, true nature by reading their “faceprint.” Along with identifying which side you’re on, “Third Eye” recognizes if those around you are allies or sworn enemies.

“In April, we launched SocialCamera, a new app that turns your mobile phone camera into a real-time messaging application, and today we launch the Third Eye, the first mobile game built around computer vision,” said Jason Mitura, chief product officer at Viewdle.  “As this platform evolves, what’s coming up is even more exciting, and we’ll start opening up SDKs for the developer community to allow them to build Viewdle’s leading technology into their own applications.”

“Third Eye’s” gameplay and narrative, developed across three continents, is rooted in European, Asian and Caribbean history as it assigns players to historically-based societies and clans. Through an accelerometer-based mission, players are assigned to one of eight orders, such as the Borgias, the power-grabbing family from Spain that gained control of the Papacy in Renaissance Europe; the Loogaroos, a sect whose origins are in the voodoo folklore tradition of Haiti; the Shinobis, the sixth-century secretive Japanese clan that gave rise to the ninjas; and the Order of the Rose, the German-based source of the covert society know as the Rosicrucians. Once assigned a warrior family, players assemble armies, form alliances, protect their empires and attack foes. The objective of the first part of “Third Eye” is to amass an army and establish alliances. The second and third parts, which will come out later this year, will pit the assembled clans against one another in battle.

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