"She's Not There" – True Blood Season Four Premiere

Saucy and sassy Sookie Stackhouse is back. Last night’s premiere brought an entirely new spin on HBO’s hit series “True Blood”. Episode One, titled “She’s Not There”, will have viewers screaming “What the F*ck?!”

The first eight minutes of the show was release over the past few weeks… so no need to delve into that debacle.

So jumping into the black chasm is Alan Ball’s equivalent to Alice falling into the rabbit hole.

After rediscovering her long last grandfather, he goes “poof” into a pile of dust, in the cemetery.  Actually, this scene reminded me of many nights of watching Buffy Summer stake Vampires in Sunnydale’s Cemetery. Random, I know.

After stumbling back to her home, Sookie is surprised to find her home is now no longer reminiscent of the reign of MaryAnn. After workers call the Bon Temps Police Department, Sookie is further surprised that her brother has finally gotten his act together and become a local cop.

What was merely an hour long visit to fairyland for Sookie, was twelve and a half months back on the Human Realm. Relieved to find her alive, Jason and Sookie catch up, briefly. No sooner has she dealt him the news of their grandfather, than she realizes the sun has set. Stepping onto her porch, Sookie is forced to face both Bill and Eric. Both of which, realized the moment she returned into the Human Realm.

Still disoriented by the loss of time, Sookie is not as ecstatic to see either as they are to see her.  According to Eric, everyone but him, believed she was dead. This news isn’t taken lightly, as demonstrated by the look on Sookie’s face as he speaks. But this is not the end of the line for surprises. Eric is easily dismissed by Bill and Sookie is left to wonder what else has changed. When Bill so easily offers to leave her, the hurt is written on her face as she realizes, he has moved on since the last time they had spoken.

The world continues to turn upside down, with the revelation of Andy’s new founded V-addiction, Arlene’s and Terry’s -coughs “Rene’s”- baby ripping the heads off of dolls, and Sam’s new “anger” issues.  Tommy is living with Maxine, and our favorite True Blood couples, Jessica and Hoyt as well as Lafayette and Jesus are clearly on the rocks.

In order to prevent from spoiling episode two, “You Smell Like Dinner”, for everyone, I’m going to bite my tongue. All I’ll say is, Sookie continues to fall further down the rabbit hole. Like with all things “True Blood”, things are not as they seem.

Someone is faking. Someone is cheating. Someone is woeing. Someone is lying.

There will be more blood, sex, fangs and fur flying around this season. Add in the introduction of the witches into Area Five and this Season is already proving to be explosive! Leaving all in its wake, suffering from True Blood Withdrawal and craving more. Fans are salivating for more.

How will you handle your TBWithdrawal before next week’s episode?

*Episodes 1 and 2 are available on HBO on Demand as well as HBOGO*