Stan Lee, Todd McFarlane & Yoshiki to unveil Blood Red Dragon at #SDCC

That’s right, the much-anticipated comic book series Blood Red Dragon will finally be making its debut in San Diego at Comic Con International on Thursday, 21 July, 2011, according to a statement issued by POW! Entertainment.

“I am extremely excited about Blood Red Dragon,” states Stan Lee, Chief Creative Officer of POW! Entertainment. “Yoshiki’s exceptional musical abilities, visual flair and passionate humanitarianism make him an amazing and inspiring collaborator and I think readers will experience every bit of that in the comics.”

Lee, renowned comic book artist Todd McFarlane and music superstar and humanitarian Yoshiki will join moderator Jon Goff, himself an established and respected comic book author, for a panel discussion at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel on 21 July from 1pm – 2pm.

“Working with the one-and-only- Stan Lee has been an incredible experience for me,” Yoshiki said. “He is truly a genius and one of the best storytellers living today. I’m excited with the results of our efforts and look forward to the response from readers and music lovers around the world.”

Blood Red Dragon Issue #0, the first in the series published by Todd McFarlane Productions, contains a surprise for readers as well as a first-of-its-kind publishing innovation that combines the unique skills of three-world-class artists. The debut issue focuses on the origin of an ancient and benevolent force locked in an epic battle with the dark armies of Oblivion.

Once in a generation, when creative expression and destiny collide, an individual is born with the potential to unlock the might of the Blood Red Dragon and become the Earth’s protector.  Inevitably, agents from Oblivion discover the key to unlocking the Blood Red Dragon energy is music and accordingly launch a series of attacks against the musicians of Earth. Yoshiki, on whom the central superhero of the graphic novel is based, comes face to face with his true destiny as he performs at the opening show of a massive world tour and experiences a transformation that will change his life and perhaps the fate of the world in front of a live audience.

“Being able to collaborate with creators on a global level is always a thrill,” McFarlane said. “Working with two big names, like Yoshiki and Stan Lee, I hope I’m able to add a little bit of my touch to a book that my, Stan’s, but most importantly, Yoshiki’s fans will enjoy. At the same time, I hope this book helps introduce Yoskiki to fans that don’t know him on American shores.”

For those who don’t know (and we admit, we didn’t) Yoshiki, who has been referred to by his first name alone throughout his professional career, is the Japanese version of Bono. Known as much for his global humanitarianism as his incredible skills as a musician (classically trained pianist and drummer who also plays guitar, bass and trumpet) and the heart of the band X Japan, Yoshiki is arguably Asia’s most influential musical artist and biggest rock icon. In the U.S. Yoshiki is probably most recognized as the writer of the song I.V. which was recorded by X Japan and played over the closing credits of the 2007 international blockbuster horror film Saw IV. On 27 May, 2011, Yoskiki launched Yoskiki Radio on Sirius XM. The hour-long program airs on the first Sunday of every month (so tune in on 3 July, 2011 at 9 p.m. (ET) to hear samples of his favorite music and Japanese popular culture.

“I want to show people that there is no one language, no real boundaries when it comes to music and art, and that we are all more alike than not,” Yoshiki explains.