Nexia’s Redline Entertainment to showcase Paladin: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer

Redline Entertainment, a subsidiary of Nexia Holdings, Inc. has contracted to license certain foreign distribution rights to the feature-length film Paladin: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer.

“I am excited about the successes we are experiencing in assisting independent film makers with their efforts to sell the licensing rights in foreign markets,” said Nexia CEO Richard Surber. “As Redline continues to accumulate contracts to license rights to quality projects like Dawn of the Dragon Slayer, our revenue stream will begin to ramp up. “

Nexia’s Redline, in association with the Highland Film Group, has contracts signed or pending selling certain rights to Paladin: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer in Spain, France, Germany, Thailand, Romania, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. This is the fifth film Nexia’s entertainment division has been retained to sell in foreign markets.

Paladin: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer
Paladin: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer

The agreement with the producers of Paladin: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer, Fantasy Feature Funding One LLC, includes the right to a second movie, The Virgin and the Warrior, that was shot in conjunction with a team of Revel’s film makers in April of 2011. The level of interest in both these projects is very high, according to Nexia.

Paladin: Dawn of the Dragon Slayer was shot on location in Ireland. The dragon-focused fantasy stars Rogan Ap Cynan (Phillip Brodie, whom some may recognize as Sir Ethan from the TV series Merlin or Ivan from the TV series Young Dracula), Baron Sterling (Ian Cullen, whom fans first met in 1964 as Ixta on Doctor Who) and Kate Sperling (Nicola Pesener) under the direction of Anne K. Black, who also directed The Virgin and The Warrior.

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