Parisians get sneak peak at Safe Light-19 at Comic-Con

If you were lucky enough to be in Paris this weekend and smart enough to attend Comic-Con Paris, you know what’s coming. Well, at least you do if you caught the preview of Safe Light-19, a new sci-fi action series scheduled for release in 2012.

Safe Light 19
Safe Light 19

Six years after a massive comet strikes the Earth, society has collapsed. Food is scarce. Dust from the comet strike blocks much of the sun’s light. Morals and conscience have largely been cast aside. The world has become a vicious place where darkness and danger prevail.

Zero tolerance police and governments operating in almost draconian style, struggle to maintain law and order within the cities. The few governments remaining have ordered the construction of Safe Lights, fortified way stations offering some semblance of safety to travelers.

Frank James (Michael Sani) is a man battling his own demons who somehow manages to become wrapped up in the events and lives of the people he encounters in the psuedo-haven of Safe Light-19.  Frank takes a personal stand against the dark which has taken his loved ones and left him nowhere to run. Desperate for a new reason to exists, he faces a new battle, one where he must stand for a greater good, where the stakes are the lives of those around him.

Safe Light-19 is produced by Tavin Titus (X-Men, Day After Tomorrow). Darren S. Cook directs James (Sani), Martin Black (Brendan Carr), Gus Reynolds (Ian Virgo) and Elle Gibson (Charlotte Atkinson a snatcher in the final Harry Potter film) .

Sci-fi fans in Paris experienced a preview showing of the Safe Light-19 episode in light we trust on Saturday, 2 July, 2011.

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