Help Us Keep You Informed for Viscera 2011 Film Fest

The Viscera 2011 Film Festival is just around the corner. This amazing event honoring women filmmakers in the horror genre is one we at The Preternatural Post would love to bring to you firsthand, from the bloody red carpet through the screening 16 short horror films, an awards show and creator Q & A right on to the After Party!

Viscera or Bust
Help us get to LA!

But we can’t do it without your help.

The Preternatural Post is entirely reader supported. That means, in order for us to cover this one-of-a-kind event (as well and general news and other special events around the nation) we need you to foot the bill. So we’re begging. We only have a few days to raise the funds needed to cover travel expenses and equipment rental for a 2-person team to attend Viscera 2011.

We estimate we need to raise $100 per day between now and the event. Please, help us out! We accept all donations, however, we are offering a few perks to those who fund more than our morning coffee. These include:

Custom AVI/Avatar image ($10) – Stand out with a customized face!

3-Card Tarot Reading ($15) – Explore your Past, Present and Future

Custom Prompt/Short story ($20) – Featuring your character!

6-Card Tarot Reading ($25) – Great for planning SLs or writing projects!

Custom Image and Short Story ($30) – Starring your character!

Custom background image ($35) – Make your Twitter or Tumblr space your own!

Preternatural Post Trading Cards ($40) – These 9 collectible cards were introduced at the Phoenix Comic Con and are in limited supply!

Ask a Question ($50) – Have a question you’re dying to ask a Viscera filmmaker? We’ll ask it for you and send you the answer and a photo of the filmmaker!

And if you’d like to donate more than that, or sponsor the entire trip, we’d love to discuss the possibilities. Please Contact Us!

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