New casino gambles on Bon Temps

RavensWood Casion
RavensWood Casino

Looking for a little excitement around Bon Temps? Chances are you’ll find it at the exciting new play ground for the beautiful creatures of the night, the RavensWood Casino!

Housed in a replica of a historic plantation house, the RavensWood Casino features a state-of-the-art casino complemented by expansive gardens and outdoor recreation opportunities. With the planned addition of a hotel and entertainment complex the RavensWood Casino appears intent on waking up this sleepy corner of Louisiana. It remains to be seen whether the casino, which is already creating local jobs will cannibalize tourist patronsĀ from Shreveport’s popular vampire nightclub, Fangtasia, or further enhance the reputation of the area as a top tourist destination for those seeking exotic travel within the comfort of the U.S.

The RavensWood Casino is owned by Randy Brown, who also owns RavensWood Drive-In movie theater.

The Grand Opening for the RavensWood Casino is 15 July at 8 p.m.

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