Changes underway at the Daily Planet

Things are changing over at the venerable newspaper, the Daily Planet. Publisher DC Entertainment recently announced that the Daily Planet has been purchased by a global media conglomerate. In addition, journalist Lois Lane has been promoted and now heads the Daily Planet‘s television and new media department.

Superman 1
Superman #1 by George Perez

The recently announced changes are part of DC Comics‘ New 52 project in which their entire line of comic books, including Superman and Action Comic (featuring Superman) will be given an updated look and feel starting fresh with issue number one. Some observers, however, question whether the changes may be a pre-emptive strike against the widening phone-hacking scandal at rival News Corp. The Daily Planet has long held the ethical high ground in the newsroom, thanks to reporters like Lane and Clark Kent. Rumors linking Lane with another co-worker, one Jonathan Carroll, may derail her career just as it, and the Daily Planet appear to be on the brink of great success.

This afternoon (22 July, 2011) will be hosting a Superman news panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, CA, to address these and other issues. The panel will feature Grant Morrison, the new Action Comics writer (All Star Superman, Batman Incorporated) and author of the newly released book Supergods, and J. Michael Stracynski, author of the bestselling Superman: Earth One graphic novel and creator of the epic preternatural series Babylon 5.  Attendees will also get a sneak peek at what to expect from Action Comics and Superman in the coming months as both series begin anew at Number One in September.

“A lot of the buzz we’ve seen in the press and online has been Superman-focused,” explains Jim Lee, Co-Publisher at DC Entertainment. “We’re really excited for fans to see this take on Lois Lane in September. This character has always been a successful modern woman and her new role at the Daily Planet opens up dramatic new story possibilities.”

No where will these possibilities be more apparent than in Superman, the updated comic book series by writer George Perez and artist Jesus Merino. When Superman issue Number One of this series goes on sale 28 September, 2011, Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent will be facing a whole series of present day challenges including:

  • Living on his own and figuring out how to balance his human and alien qualities.
  • Lane’s new romance and new job, which essentially makes her a peer to their long-time boss, Editor-In-Chief, Perry White.
  • New ceremonial armor honoring his Kryptonian heritage.
  • At least one new villain who may be even more powerful than Superman.

Setting the stage for all this, in some ways, is the Action Comics series from writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales. Action Comics Number One is schedule to go on sale 7 September, 2011. This series will present humanity’s first encounters with Superman and the dawning of the age of superheroes. Readers can expect:

  • A Superman who is very much an alien. He is an outsider who struggles to find his way in his new adopted home.
  • More Kal-El than Clark Kent, this Superman must come to terms with the loss of both his biological parents and their world as well as the loss of his adoptive parents here on Earth.
  • Superman’s powers are evolving and he is still in the process of discovering how to use them.
  • The first storyline will explore how Superman got his costume and how it eventually evolved from simple jeans and work boots to full body armor paying tribute to his Kryptonian heritage.
Action Comics Cover #1
Action Comics #1 by Rags Morales

“We’re bringing a fresh perspective, both physically and emotionally to Superman,” said Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher at DC Entertainment. “In addition to life as a bachelor, Clark Kent has to adjust to Perry White having a new boss and a new status quo at the Daily Planet.”

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