New animated TV series for kids chronicles Gene Roddenberry’s teen adventures

“It’s fun to play with what-could-have-been part of my father’s life,” said Rod Roddenberry. “Gene’s Journal is a concept full of imagination and possibility. I’ve always thought about what the ides could become when it’s able to really spread its wings in a new medium. I couldn’t be more thrilled that to see it making that evolutionary step, and I can’t thin of any better place to announce it than here at Comic Con.”

If you aren’t at Comic Con, you might not have heard the big news for the next generation of trekkies. Here it is: Roddenberry Entertainment is joining forces with Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group to develop a new animated kids’ comedy series Gene’s Journal®, based on the hilarious and popular web comic created by Trevor Roth and illustrated by David Reddick.

“We are beaming with excitement at the opportunity to bring television audiences a glimpse into the life and experiences that shaped a young Gene Roddenberry into one of the greatest and most imaginative storytelling minds of the 20th century,” said Skywriter Media and Entertainment Group CEO Kenvin Gillis.

Gene’s Journal is the untold, true story behind the adolescent years of Gene Roddenberry (1921-1991). It was during his teen years that Roddenberry was continuously abducted by aliens studying humans. All of his experiences are recorded in his boyhood journal.

The fantastic tales of alien wonders he encountered during his abductions later inspired Roddenberry to create some of the greatest science fiction television the world has ever seen. At the time they were happening, however, Roddenberry was less than enthusiastic about his experiences. In fact, the young Roddenberry spent a great deal of time trying to balance his life on Earth with his mostly hilarious alien encounters.

Gene’s Journal chronicles the legendary sci-fi author and icon’s adventures for children between the ages of 6 and 11. Alex Galatis is mentioned as the head writer of the new series.

“There’s nothing better than working with people who recognize the true potential of a concept you created,” Roth explains. “Gene’s Journal has always been the story of a unique young boy trying to reconcile the trials and tribulations of adolescence with the hilarity that science fiction has to offer. To adventure into the childhood of such an extraordinary character alongside Alex and Kevin is going to be a real treat, for Roddenberry and for TV audiences.”

Older Trekkie “kids” shouldn’t feel left out. TV Guide is reporting that Trek Nation, a documentary following Rod Roddenberry on a journey to discover his father and celebrate the 45th anniversary of the original Star Trek series. Trek Nation will air on the Science Channel in October.