Sookie Stackhouse shorts in August: Charlaine Harris publishes short story and novella

It’s been nearly three months since Charlaine Harris’ Dead Reckoning arrived on bookshelves everywhere. Usually fans are forced to spend an agonizing year, anxiously salivating for the next installment of the series. The only glimmer of relief is the highly anticipated release of a short story in the fall.

This year fans everywhere are in for a treat! Not only has a Sookie Stackhouse short story,  “If I Had a Hammer” been released in Home Improvement: Undead Edition, but a novella is included in The Sookie Stackhouse Companion, which will be released on August 30th.

Fans will also be pleased to learn that Charlaine has finished the twelfth book of the series, titled Deadlocked. What else is in store for everyone’s favorite fair-haired telepathic barmaid? The only way to find out is to be patient and wait for the next installment and, as we all know, waiting sucks. But Charlaine gives some hints in her blog:

Last night, Sookie got kidnapped, and I’m going to see how that shakes out. A character I thought was dead is probably alive, and I’m real happy for him. Then again, if the work doesn’t go so well today, he may be dead again.

Charlaine hasn’t given away much, but this little sneak peek into Deadlocked should have bookies everywhere speculating for months. Just who has kidnapped Ms. Stackhouse? Jaded lover, a certain Queen we have yet to be properly introduced to, or perhaps someone of the Fae-persuasion?

As for the not finally dead, but previously believed to be dead, character? My money is on Andre. There’s no logical reasoning behind this choice. Just would be a nice way for Charlaine to stir the pot. Having him return after assuming Quinn killed him, would make an interesting twist to the already hectic world of Vampires, Weres  and waitressing.