Bon Temps detectives under investigation

All has not been well with the Bon Temps Sheriff’s Department recently. First Deputy Kevin Prior was involved in a car accident that the department called suspicious. Now it seems the troubles run deeper as two detectives, Alcee Beck and Lucas Grant, have come under investigation for corruption.

Alcee Beck Boris Kodjoe
Alcee Beck in an undated undercover photo

Alcee Beck worked for Atlanta PD for nine years. During that period, he was investigated 22 times, mostly on charges of brutality and false arrest. In every case the accuser backed down so nothing ever stuck. Beck had an excellent arrest record and solve rate, so the department had no choice but to let him keep his job. Then in late 2009 he shot and killed a drug dealer. The man had been working as a police informant and was unarmed at the time of the shooting so naturally there were lots of questions. Beck saw the writing on the wall so he resigned to keep from being fired. He began working for Renard Parish in early 2010 when he was hired by the Parish Police Jury to replace Andy Bellefleur who had been named Sheriff. Atlanta, fearing a lawsuit, never mentioned Beck’s checkered history to the hiring committee.

Beck was a model officer for the first 14 months of his employment in Bon Temps. Then the department started receiving complaints of brutality, mostly from vagrants and drug dealers. Sheriff Bellefleur followed up on the complaints, but just like in Atlanta none of the accusers wanted to go on the record. About two months ago motorists began complaining about being harassed by Beck, saying he was extorting money for non-existent traffic violations. By this time Sheriff Bellefleur had had enough. He contacted the state police and asked that an internal affairs officer be sent to investigate Beck. They sent Lucas Grant, a 15 year veteran of the state police.

Lucas Grant
Lucas Grant

The investigation on Detective Grant is still in progress, but indications are that he was corrupt, and used his position to gain access to other corrupt police officers and profit from their illicit schemes. The sheriff’s department dispatcher, Rosie Bonham, apparently overheard one of Grant’s and Beck’s plots and was murdered by them.

Grant was supposedly surrendering when he grabbed Deputy Kenya Jones as a hostage, holding a gun to her head. He was shot dead by Deputy Kevin Prior. A female accomplice was fatally shot by Sheriff Bellefleur in the same gun battle. Her role in the matter is still under investigation.

Both Beck and Grant are alleged to have been complicit in the near-fatal auto accident of Deputy Kevin Prior. Deputy Prior has recovered and is back at work with the Bon Temps Sheriff’s Department.

Alcee Beck
Beck may have changed his appearance to elude capture

Alcee Beck remains at large, his whereabouts unknown. The Bon Temps Sheriff’s Department is asking that anyone with information on the whereabouts of Beck contact them immediately. They also warn the public that Beck is presumed to be armed and should be considered very dangerous.

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