Intelligent discussion of new Bible will be televised

A new edition of the Bible was published in June 2011. That isn’t exactly news. Dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of editions have been published since Gutenberg produced the first one. Tree of Life Bible: The New Covenant, however, is the first of it’s kind, which is probably why it rates discussion on national television in the U.S.

The Tree of Life Messianic Bible represents a collaboration between Messianic Jewish and Christian scholars, leaders, artists, linguists, rabbis, writers, psalmists and others who came together to create a Messianic version of the Bible suitable for the entire family and followers of many faiths. Jews curious about Messiah will see how Yeshua became the Prophet, like Moses, full of glory, grace and truth. Modern-day Christians can rediscover the Jewish roots of their faith. People of all faiths can compare that the New Covenant says with what the Hebrew Bible says and not just from one person’s or belief’s point of view.

The stimulating conversation around this profoundly different yet thoroughly accessible Bible with Dr. Raymond L. Gannon will be broadcast nationally on CTN, TBN, Daystar, Angel One, TCC Church Channel, NRB Network and GEB. Involved in widespread Jewish evangelism, Messianic synagogue planting and Bible college and seminary teaching methods for more than four decades, Gannon joins Jonathan Bernis on Jewish Voices to discuss how this latest version of the Bible came about. Gannon also contributed to The Tree of Life Messianic Bible.

Check your local listing for station and time information.

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