The Darkness Surrounding Fandom

I suppose I have been fairly lucky when it comes to dealing with fans of True Blood. Since I have never truly played a TB Sookie, most people don’t pay me any attention. But I’m sadden to see that several of my favorite TB-fan sites have had to make recent posts due to the scarier side of the fandom.

We all have preferences, whether it’s book vs. show or Eric vs. Bill. In the end, we are all human. We all have opinions and as the old saying goes in comparing opinions to a certain less than appealing body part, all of them stink. That being said, I find it disheartening to scroll through one of the four lists I follow on Twitter and watch people get attacked.

If it were RP-drama, I’d usually stay out of it. Unfortunately, it happens and really the best policy is to walk away. But these attacks that are increasing in quantity and severity are not between role player vs. role player. The incidences I am referring to are the attacks from fans of the show on role players.

You know, we are raised on the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. As childish as that may seem, these words of wisdom are a great guideline on how we should all try and behave with one another. We should all try to have respect for one another, even if you don’t like the person/character. Respect is a two-way street and disrespect on stream is just an unnecessary waste of 140 characters.

For those of you who follow RP accounts and don’t actually understand the differences between one Sookie vs. another, or one family vs. another, here’s  a good tid bit to follow: Regardless of who the character is, there is a human on the other side. A person, who just like you, loves this show and/or the books. A person with feelings and a life outside of RP (though it may not seem like it as often as some of us tweet, myself, included).

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