Area 5 celebrates @KingNorthmanA5

Last night was @KingNorthmanA5’s death day and the glitterati and political-elite of the supernatural world were out in force to celebrate the Turning of the vampire King of Norway. The invitation-only fete, organized by @Scarlett_Area5 and @PamR_Area5, was the resounding social success of the summer.

Eric Northman is a fixture in Louisiana society, as owner of the popular club Fangtasia and vampire Sheriff of Area 5.  His influence goes far beyond that, both in terms of geography and species, as the guest list shows. Joining his loyal followers from Area 5 were representatives of the fae (ok, one, @Fae_Celeste was a gift to Eric from Scarlett), Weres, humans, demons and even witches. Fellow Sheriffs, @RomanLucious (accompanied by his lady @Tammyjo__) of Mississippi’s Area 2 and Godric, @SheriffArea_9 of Texas attended. Vampire royalty was well represented by Louisiana’s own king @WTCompton while Andre Paul, @KingBigDaddesty, King of Arkansas and Maude, Queen of Minnesota also made the guest list.

As impressive as the creme-de-la-creme of vampire society is, this party had a very personal feel and it is obvious Northman is well-loved by his progeny. His newest Childe, @TrinityBodare attended with her husband @CaptainRaynes1. They were also accompanied by @TamaraLanglee. Elder Childe Pam Ravenscroft had her hands full helping to organize the event but still managed to find for a lengthy tete-a-tete with King Bill. Scarlett, whom Northman referred to as his bonded during the evening, certainly went to great lengths to see that his party was an amazing event. One can’t help wondering, however, why she was seen leaving in the company of @LF_Snow, whom, it had been rumored was flirting earlier in the week with Pam….

The gifts alone put Northman among the most envied of vampires ranging from a fae to original artwork to a red Aston Martin convertible to a free vacation in Biloxi. One might wonder who is trying to buy his favor or, perhaps, buy their way out of trouble.

By all accounts the party was a hit from the Russian Blood Cake to the music of the night. Should we start looking forward to next year…?