Three Games Store relaunched in the UK

Leading UK mobile network operator, Three, has re-launched its Games Store with a string of highly innovative features including social media integration and a dedicated HD games section. A section featuring an extensive selection of social games which allow users to interact and compete with each other is also in the works but not yet available.

What is available is a browser-baser portal store is a variety of games and apps that will appeal to everyone from casual gamers to hardcore game enthusiasts. The objective of the new Games Store is to create a must-go-to destination for all gamers using Three. The huge range of games, tips, information and reviews, as well as the ability to connect with an active community of like-minded players and fans is the latest addition to a growing portfolio of hosted multi-content services managed by the Livewire Mobile Inc. team in partnership with Three.

The relaunched Games Store will support content across a number of phone operating systems.

Currently, the Games Store includes Android games and apps targeted at the increasing number of Three gamers that use the portal as their mobile gaming hub.  A dedicated Android app with integrated Three billing is scheduled to be released ready for devices that will be in-store and available during the holiday shopping season.

“This is an area that continues to grow in popularity and with the biggest 3G network in the UK — and one designed for the high-speed mobile internet — we believe our customers now have access to the very best mobile Games Store in the UK where ever they are,” said Neil Andrews, Head of Media Sales and Content services at Three UK.

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