Zombie Lane launched on Google+

Google+ has opened up a whole new world for zombie haters. Zombie Lane™, new and hilarious look into the zombie phenomenon from Digital Chocolate, a leader in cross-platform social games, is among the first games launched on Google+.

Zombie Lane is currently recruiting brave players in the quest to defend and take back control of their neighborhood from endless waves of zombies determined to eat their brains. Players and neighbors go into survival mode, forced to protect their homes and families from hordes of the rotting but ambulatory dead.

Created specifically by Digital Chocolate to take full advantage of the social features on the Google+ platform, players can customize everything about their characters as well as gift items and share coins between friends or even visit their friends neighborhoods to help in the fight against zombies. Zombie Lane players can purchase weapons from the market or gather materials from around their home to assemble super weapons, like the powerful flamethrower that provides unique firepower. Just be careful! All that takes energy and in early play it is easy to exhaust yourself!

Zombie Lane is from the makers of other social gaming hits including Millionaire City™, Army Attack™ and MMA Pro Fighter. Digital Chocolate will be implementing a steady wave of enhancements and new content to Zombie Lane in coming weeks.

To get started playing Zombie Lane, Google+ members should visit https://google.zombielane.com/?src=zigp. Look for Mena, she’s there. Max Brooks and the guys at the Department of Zombie Defense would be so proud!

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