Going Too Far, When Fantasy Overrides Reality

When you think of Vampires, where do you imagine they live?

Most would say places such as Transylvania, Paris and New Orleans, just to name a few. Never would anyone believe Galveston, TX to be home to such a predator.

This coastal community was shocked to learn that Lyle Monroe Bensley had been arrested for attempted Vampirism?

Actually, the 19 year old man was arrested for home burglary with the intent to commit a felony. Having broken into a local woman’s home, Bensley attempted to suck her blood. The police arrived to find him clothed only in a pair of boxers, hissing and growling in a parking lot. Heavily tattooed and pierced, Bensley claimed to be a 500 year old vampire who needed to feed.

Bensley is currently being held on a $40,000 bond in the Galveston County Jail. He is awaiting a psychological evaluation.

As with all cases that are similar in this nation, a debate over the behavior and its connection to popular culture has arisen. How much blame can honestly be put on the entertainment industry that produces Vampire-based shows that have violence and sex? How about the dozens of books that are published monthly, that feature Vampires within their pages?

In April, a  Wisconsin man took a plead deal for felony child abuse, after biting the neck of a three year old boy he was babysitting. He claimed to have been watching the popular HBO series True Blood with the child. Afterwards, he and the boy “were goofing around, wrestling and nuzzling”. The boy’s mother discovered the discolored marks and reported the incident to the police.

While, Bensley doesn’t claim to have been “inspired” by any form of entertainment, the debate continues to rage on.

Where does the line between fantasy and reality exist and who is ultimately to blame?

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