The Vrykolakas-A Greek Vampire legend

Dracula isn’t the only vampire legend. Author Lyn Gibson explores another flavor of the popular preternatural creature known to the Greeks as the Vrykolakas. Unlike pop culture vampires whose every aspect draws potential victims in, the Greek variety are more monsters in both life and death.

Author Lyn Gibson

VThe Greeks believed that a human could become a Vrykolakas after death by having lived an ungodly life, being buried on unconsecrated ground, being excommunicated or by having eaten the meat of a lamb that had been injured or killed by a wolf.  Some Greek legends insinuate that even a werewolf could become one of the Vrykolkas upon it’s death.  Individuals that had red hair and grey eyes were suspected of having been one of the undead, which I find intriguing as other ancient vampire lore states that any vampire with red hair was a direct descendant of Judas Escariot’s cursed blood line.

Unlike other undead beings from surrounding continents, the Greek Vampire was not an attractive creature.  Legends state that the Vrykolakas appears to be completely drained of it’s blood,  but once the vampire had fed, he would swell into a blood gorged creature before returning to it’s grave.  …

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