The Last Vampire Inks Movie Deal

“In The Last Vampire series we are introduced to an entirely original world, in a universe vastly different from other vampire stories. This legend is born from the more classic genre of Bram Stroker’s “Dracula”, steeped in history, mythic lore and even religious beginnings. Our main character is not only one of the first vampires, she is also believed to be the last surviving – but all that is just page one of this ‘roller-coaster’, action-adventure fantasy ride,” comments Michael Preger.

If you think that sounds like a great premise for a film, you’re right. You, and thousands of fans of Christopher Pike’s series of young adult novels now known as Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice are also in luck because Preger, the producer behind the highly anticipated movie version of Vampire Academy (scheduled to arrive in theaters on Valentine’s Day 2014), and his team at Preger Entertainment just signed a deal to bring Sita to the big screen.

Sita is not your usual vampire even by 21st Century standards. For starters she’s well a girl. And not just any girl (if girl is the appropriate term: female? woman?), Sita is the first and the last of the vampires. Her reality is far different from that of ordinary humans, though she tries to blend in, at least she tries up to a point. This ancient being is no less than a 5,000-year-old predator. Arguably Sita is the best predator, not to mention the most efficient and successful of her kind. Like most vampires, she is capable of great violence and horrific brutality however she is also capable of great spiritual beliefs and compassion that is almost human-like. She leads a chameleon-like existence in a world rife with danger from ancient, supernatural secrets as well as modern man.

The film deal, which is reported to be in the six figure range, was negotiated on behalf of Preger by Wayne Alexander of Alexander, Lawrence, Frumes, & Labowitz and Laurence Becsey from the Intellectual Property Group. Ryan Nord of Hirsch, Wallerstein, Hayum, Matlof & Fishman represented author, Christopher Pike. No word on who may be adapting the screenplay let alone directing or possible casting, however the cover of the retitled book reveals a female with blonde hair, golden or amber eyes and pouty lips that is not dissimilar to Anna Pacquin. What do you think, truebies: Could you see Sookie, not just as a vampire but as The Last Vampire?