Creative killing: Vampires

How do you kill a vampire?

If you’re still using wooden stakes, you’re getting the job done but you could be having a lot more fun. Fortunately, author Liisa Ladoceur, has gone to the trouble of compiling some of the more creative and entertaining methods for introducing vampires to their final death. How to Kill a Vampire: Fangs in Folklore, Film and Fiction explores the myriad means of killing vampires that have appeared in popular culture from books, television and film to the folklore and legends from which they sprang.

This 190-page volume is an invaluable resource for slayers, hunters, humans first and anyone else tasked with bringing an end to the infiltration of human society by the undead. It is hoped, though not expected, that none of these methods will be used on the so-called “vegetarian” vamps except by members of their own species who take exception to their sparkling nature and dietary preferences.

Vampires, their loved ones and friends will also find How to Kill a Vampire useful providing they can get by the title. It includes sections on vampire suicide for those whose existence has become a torment and prevention those not wishing to make the transition from living to undead. Nonetheless this murderous manual is not for everyone. Those who don’t know any vampires can probably survive without out it. After all, a wooden stake does work. If you don’t mind getting that close.


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