Production Notes: Shazam Begins Filming

Video, movie, cinema concept. Retro camera, reels, clapperboardWe all have a superhero inside us. With phonebooths disappearing into the mists of time and bat caves threatened by the growth of cities (not to mention climate change), however, it’s becoming harder and harder to let our hero out. That’s not a problem 14-year-old Bill Barston has. All he has to do is shout “Shazam!

Shazam, the latest superhero movie to emerge from the DC universe recently began filmin in Toronto. Produced by New Line Cinema lland directed by David F. Sondberg, this family-freindly film explores what happens when Billy, a streetsmart foster kid (Asher Angel) transforms into an adult superhero (Zachary Levi) and battles the evil villain Dr. Thaddeus Silvana (Mark Strong). Will good triumph over evil? Only time will tell: the theatrical release is currently scheduled for April 2019.

This isn’t the first live action version of Shazam since the character’s debut in 1940. Bill Parker and C.C. Beck created him back then Whiz Comics. In 1974 Warner Bros. brought Shazam to the small screen for three seasons. Interestingly, Billy (Michael Gray) was in his late teens and transformed into Captain Marvel, the Worlds Mightiest Mortal (initally Jackson Bostwick then John Davey). It will be interesting to see whether the new fillm will keep the Captain Marvel name or rename our superhero Shazam as some of the advance press indicates. Either way, there is one Shazam we won’t see in the new film: gomerpyle