Angel Catbird Gets a Voice

How does a graphic novel sound?

Great! if the new Angel Catbird audiobook is anything to go by.

Angel Catbird is a New York Times best-selling graphic novel (from back when the NYT was still publishing bestseller lists for comics and graphic novels) by Margaret Atwood. The audio production, really a radio play, was inspired by vintage superhero sagas popular with listeners during the 1940s and 50s. The audiobook version, which is available exclusively on Audible, was recorded live by an ensemble cast. The author herself can even be heard as the Wise Owl. With the help of a musical score that somehow manages to evoke and sometimes almost capture the visual images of the beloved graphic novel that stems from some of Atwood’s earliest work.

“In the 1940s of radio shows and comic book, I was six when I first started drawing the flying cats with wings that eventually turned into Angel Catbird the ‘Superhero,” says Atwood. “It was great fun to work on my first audio script: a retro radio revisit, complete with theme song, sound effects, and amazing voice actors who turn my team of furred and feathered fighters into full-throated stars.”

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